Horse Magic by Carol Bandy

NEED HELP making your gaited horse gait?? Need a clue about why he does whatever it is that he shouldn't be doing, and makes your life miserable? Need to learn how to POST so you can trot comfortably down the trail on your Quarter horse with confidence instead of walking all the time? Need to know how to stick to that saddle better so you can actually CANTER up a hill or along the river and not be scared out of your boots because you feel out of control? Need to know why your horse is always tossing his head and doesn't go where you point him?

CALL CAROL! This remarkable horse woman, who has more credentials than we have room to list, will come over to HHH and see what the problem is by riding your horse herself, and then watching you ride it in our grassy front arena area. She then will show you how to help yourself and your horse do better! She will show you how well the horse can do IF you get better at what you are doing!

Here she works with Paulette & Larry Magnuson's new young Tennessee Walking horse, Frenchy.


Just look at this lovely picture of balance and grace as the 3 1/2 year old goes around the turn in a perfect 4 beat.

Carol, who has been riding, showing, breaking and training all kinds of horses for decades, has also been teaching their perplexed owners how to ride their own horses better longer than she can remember. AND SHE MAKES HOUSE CALLS! She's happy to come to HHH and meet with you and your horse and use the on site arena and trails to make a remarkable, indeed a MAGICAL, difference in your horsemanship skills. There are many of us who don't know what we would do without her! And now we want to share our secret with you: When in doubt, we call Carol!


Here she and Larry change bits on Frenchy's bridle, to see if this young willing horse will go better in another one. She brought along about 12, and within a short period of time, the horse told her which one he liked best.

Carol watches carefully and shouts instructions to see the effects of a bit change while Larry does a test ride.

Later, when everything is working smoothly, Paulette does a tour around the arena and through the Happy Horse trails. Carol often goes along on these rides, even up to the McKinney Roughs park trails, and rides beside the horse and student, continuously observing with her unparalled eagle eye and offering a steady stream of instructions on body position, balance, control and speed management. If ever you have needed help ON THE TRAIL with your horse and your confidence level, this is the instructor for you!

RATES: Appointments need to be made through Hollis at Happy Horse Hotel, and the instruction rates begin at $45 an hour. If you are a guest at HHH, the use of our facilities comes with your camping fee.. RIDING INSTRUCTION AT THE PARK ON THE TRAILS is also available upon request. If you have another horse for her to ride, she may ride that one and work on making it behave better while she instructs you and your other horse. Otherwise, she rides her own horse, or one of Hollis's. LEARN WHILE YOU RIDE THE TRAILS is the motto at Happy Horse Hotel, and this amazing woman and her HORSE MAGIC skills make it possible to truly see and feel a difference in your way of riding as well as your horse's way of going. Immediately. Yes, she's that good.

Carol is a busy lady, and if you think you'd like her to come to HHH during your stay with us, arrangements need to be made in advance. Due to the nature of the weather and horse stuff in general, last minute requests are welcome and often work out, but there is no guarantee she will be available. If you'd like to enhance your stay at the HHH camp by adding an hour or two of lessons and evaluation before, after or during your trail riding time, just let Hollis know and she will work out the particulars for you. This is a resource we need to share now, since she has made such a difference in our lives as well as so many people and horses we know. Happy Horse is proud to begin a collaboration that we expect will produce a lot of very happy horse folks over the next several years.

Call now for your reservation at camp and appointment with Carol!


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