Camp Pictures

Music under the stars

Entrance gate off Pope Bend Road

Jack, Diane & Hollis gait briskly through camp after riding the maze.

The kids love to ride the Happy Horse trails by themselves.

Pattie & Serena the Andalusian prepare to ride the Happy Horse maze.

Katie, Grammy Paulette, Megan and Mitch relax and re-fuel on the Dining Deck between rides.

All the comforts of home!

Crew cab truck with a 33 foot long box CAN make it through camp.

Larry & Yolanda load up and head for the park.

Fire pit, kettle grill, camping chairs, awning out and lots of shade -- looks like home!

One of the pens at Big Rigsville. There are 16 five-sided pens in 5 locations, plus the two covered stalls.

Trey and Jerimiah set up camp.

Bobbie and Royal study the map before riding out.

Even the horses know how to relax after a long ride at McKinney Roughs.

When the ropers go camping, they even practice after dark!

Sunset through the trees.

Beaux & Hollis

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